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Whitwell Hall! by Chiara and Cristine

on October 18, 2021

Cristine and Chiara.
Whiewell Hall
Our favourite part about Whitwell hall was the fire lighting because of the lovely sparks lifting up like stars! And the marsh mellows where so melty soft and so warm and they oozed out whenever you took a big bite out of them like melted cheese so good.

And Paula’s amazing cooking was just 10 out of ten, delicious and tasty the best food ever was the lasagne and BBQ I mean you CANNOT disagree it was the tastiest ever food and especially donuts the sticky chocolate donuts and the warm sugary donuts so yummy I can’t resist it!

Cristine’s best activities were the bat walk and manhunt.

Chiara’s best activities are pond dipping and in my small group we caught some tiny silver fish and then we spotted a big orange & red maybe maroon.

We made this yummy drink, called blorange  – a mixture of blackcurrant and orange.  It’s delicious and well recommended.

if you enjoy nature please head onto… Whitwell Hall.

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