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Whitwell Hall Blog    By Pierre, Luciano and Filip

To get to Whitwell, we took a coach. When we arrived, we had to grab people’s luggage and put it in the main hall. Then they talked about the rules, and then did a fire drill test.

After that, we had lunch. It was pouring with rain and we got soaked to the brim!  We started our first activity, shelter building!   We made a very successful shelter since we had no water coming through, we also built some bear traps which included a spike to stab the bear and a mud stick man to head-butt the tree.

Next we did orienteering.   In this activity we had to certain destinations to find numbered poles.

When the rain died out, we went back in the hall and took our waterproofs off, as we warmed up inside.   Then, we all got called for dinner and had the best spaghetti bolognaise EVER!

After dinner we went to our dormitory for free time, and we stayed up until 2 am making very funny memes.

The next day they called us outside and said we had to do a roll call so when there was a fire we knew if everyone was there. Then we did a nature walk around Whitwell’s woodland, then after that, we built our own mini rafts/boats and got to colour them in.

At lunch we ate sandwiches at a picnic.

After lunch we did river dipping and caught a freshwater sea nymph and two freshwater trout!

After the activity we did fire lighting which was our favourite subject.  In fire lighting we learnt different ways to light a fire.  One of them is finding dry wood for the fire.  Next we had to get special hay and set it alight and Pierre was the master at the fire lighting!

So that was the end of the second day.

Come, Book, Now


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Whitwell Hall experience By Zuzanna

From my experience at Whitwell Hall,

I think it is a very nice place to stay if you want to explore more in the wilderness. I really enjoyed the food such as, the crisps, pizza, the donuts and the toast,

Although all the beds aren’t as good quality as the bunk beds, the beds were very comfy.  We also had a barbeque there and we had burgers hotdogs and ice cream!  It was very delicious.

At night a lot of bats appear (normally pipistrelles) they looked so small and were very quick.  We also did activities which were very fun and my favourites were boat building, shelter building, river dipping and fire lighting, at night, the stars are amazing there and very mesmerizing, and the moon is like a huge lamp with stars dancing around it.

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Whitwell Hall by Zioni.

Whitwell Hall
Hello my name is Zioni and I’m going to talk about my school trip to Whitwell Hall and talk about the most fun parts and activities!

So one thing about Whitwell Hall, I liked is the food it was delicious.   One time we had pizza for lunch, and ice cream for dessert.  It was great.

One of my favourite activities were fire lighting because we got to roast marshmallows and they were great and on the last night of our stay we got to roast marshmallows around a campfire and played a game called zombie in the meadows and one more thing I liked were the doughnuts we had after the barbecue.

So those are some of the things I liked about my school trip.  Thank you for listening  – bye!

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Whitwell Hall Fleur and Jess

Whitwell hall
By Fleur and Jess

To get to Whitwell it took about 40 minutes

When we got to our dorms, we got out our sleeping bags and everything else. The beds were super cosy.

Fleur: on the first night we had meat balls and they were so delicious my favourite desert was fruit salad

Jess : we went on a bat walk and we had these devices
And we could hear the eco of the bats

Fleur: we did so many activities such as smashing shelter building fun fire light and in the evenings we played games and had a camp fire

Both: Don’t miss your chance BOOK NOW!!! Bye!

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Gian and Cairon’s perspective of Whitwell Hall

This is Gian and Cairon.   This is what we think about Whitwell Hall.   Our first activity was shelter building.   Shelter building was the one of the ones I didn’t like, we got really muddy and Gian is kind of a germ phobic and I think the others didn’t like it as well.   Next one was orienteering.   It was very hard and everyone found one clip which was sad.

Lunch now, we had our packed lunches and for dinner/tea we had meatball with pasta.

Next day, for breakfast we had cereal and toast (it’s the same breakfast each day).

First activity was pioneering I forgot what I did in that so I will skip that.   We will say my favourite activities.   River dipping was our favourite, we had to go in the river and catch little creatures or big like the fresh water crayfish or a trout.   Our second favourite was team building.   We had to play a game called shipwreck, we had to go on a tarp and jump to the other one but then the other tarp would get smaller so we had to either bunch together or sacrifice.   Our third favourite was fire lighting.   We collected wet sticks and then John gave us dry wood and matches to light it so we could toast marshmallow.

Ok Bye now.

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The story of Whitwell Hall by Louis and Frankie

Come visit Whitwell Hall  – a beautiful place to see wild life. When you go you will see foxes, badgers and rabbits,
deer. Frogs can even get in your bathroom and beetles being put down by mites.

When you go on a nature you will be looking and hugging trees. You will also be doing bridge building that is very fun but if you win make sure you go crazy [don’t forget].

When you go for dinner your food will be amazing [cooked by Paula and Emily
you will see crayfish . Fun fact all the non-native crayfish]. killed the native crayfish. You will go fire lighting with John and roast marshmallows on your very own fire.

When they’re passing out the drink, make sure you have a mix of blackcurrant and orange.  We called it blorange .

You might do a bat walk you will have a chance to use a bat detector hopefully you will find or see bats they fly so low and hopefully hear there echoes they are all different. Also bats are the only flying mammals at the moment they are also so special because there wings are so thin bats are the size of your thumb.

Whitwell is AWESOME!

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Theo – Kelling Heath

Hi! On the last week of the summer holidays I went to Kelling Heath. It was amazing.
At Kelling you will never be bored. There is football, tennis, and fencing just to name a few!
Not only does Kelling Heath have a campsite, it also has multiple spacious nightjars and woodland lodges.
Kelling Heath has amazing facilities and the showers are nice and warm!
The sports are very well taught and are really fun. Like I said before you will never be bored at Kelling as just down the road you can find a train station and Holt. The Heath is very near the coast so you can go for a swim on a hot day.
In the village Centre there is two swimming pools [one inside one outside] and has a pizza hut. Furthermore, there is a band stand that bands play on at night.
If you fancy somewhere new? Then Kelling’s the place for you!

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Whitwell Hall -Lily and Imogen

Whitwell Hall

My favourite part of our trip was fire lighting because we got to roast marshmallows.   I also like the nature art.  We made an elephant out of twigs and leaves and Imogen found a snail and we named it Jeffery Basil.
I would highly recommend going here I learnt so much!

My favourite part was Paula’s cooking she was amazing at making food all my friends wanted seconds. I loved when we played manhunt in the dark next to the tents (even though I’m scared of the dark.)
Thanks so much Paula john and Matt for keeping care of us for that long!

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George and Hugo – Whitwell Hall

Hello!   Last week we went to Whitwell Hall. We had loads of fun, we really enjoyed the activities but we mostly enjoyed these four.

One of them is pond dipping because you could catch lots of fish like Crayfish, Water Boatmen and lots of other species.

One of the other activities is natural art because it was creative and fun.

The last two we liked were orienteering and bridge-building because bridge-building challenged us all to build it quickly and work as a team also orienteering was fun because it was raining so it made us to put ourselves to the test. It was also fun to share a bunk bed with our friends and a room together.

And a special mention to Paula for her delicious food.

An overall rating is a 10/10 from us.

Thank you for all the staff to help us through the trip so thank you John, Cathie, Steve and Matt.

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Theo – Whitwell Hall

Hi! Last week we went to Whitwell Hall and it was amazing!
We did lots of activities such as: boat building, shelter building and the nature walk just to name a few.
The thing I enjoyed the most, was the food as it was very good. We had meatballs and pasta for  dinner on the first day, it was fantastic!
Also, the beds were really good and comfy.
I loved the activities they were brilliant!
My personal favourite activity was shelter-building because I love building and you can do that in the wild with only a tarpaulin and rope. Furthermore, I liked the fire lighting because now I know how to light a fire properly.
The thing I have learnt from Whitwell is that there is more to our world than just parks, shops and festivals so you can go outside and play in parks but you can also go on walks and build shelters.
A special mention to John, Cathie, Steve, Paula and Mat for helping us to have more fun at Whitwell Hall!

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How Hill By J.C And M.G

In this blog, we will be talking to you about our recent trip to How Hill. It was very fun and we hope you enjoy it!

Dyke dipping

First, our teacher Sophie told us about dyke dipping and how we can keep the creatures safe.  After that, we ran down the hill as quick as a flash to get our equipment, which was a net, a tray, a spoon, a little tub and a sheet about the creatures that we could find. Then, she brought us to a dyke so we could dip.  On our friend’s Sophia’s first try,  she got a great water boatman, a bloodworm and a snail.  Whilst she was dipping, Michelle and I were getting ready to find out which creatures she would catch. After figuring out what she got, we took a great look of the creatures in a pot. After that, we had to pack up and go to How Hill’s House.

How Hill House

The How Hill House was epic, the meals were delicious and the activities were awesome! You will have never experienced fun and nature like this. 


How Hill blog – Aedin and Megan

We went to How Hill and our favourite thing was owl pellet dissection and the boat ride. We also enjoyed playing in the massive garden together; we played hide and seek. It was so funny. There were scary woods as well but amazing hiding spots. The nature was amazing and breath taking we saw; kingfishers, swallowtail butterflies, and amazing crazy creatures. When we woke up we saw a wonderful sunset and the squirrels eating breakfast. The food was very yummy and filling. Overall the experience was very fun and  we  would love two go again.

By Megan and Aedin.


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Our Trip To How Hill

How Hill was very fun for me because we thatched a house and went on a wherry it looked very shiny. My favourite activity was going on the boat because we saw lots of wildlife on the Barton Broad. The weather was chucking it down but it didn’t stop us doing our activity. The beds were very comfy. Also I really liked the weaving because it looked cool when it was finished! I slept in a room with Felix, Enda, David, Benedict, Risard and Gabriel!



This is a picture of How Hill House

By David, Gabriel  and Benedict.



Dyke Dipping

Dyke dipping

We were dyke dipping and we had rods to catch water animals and we had to put them in a tray with water so they did not die and if they did it would be our fault about the death of it.

After we had the instructions told to us and then we put our rods in side of the water to start.

The animals we had to find were on a list so we knew if it was allowed for us.

The people in my group were Me, Toby and Kasper and it was so fun at dyke dipping.

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Today we went on a magical coach ride.   It was amazing. It was an hour but it felt like a minute. When we finally we got to How Hill it looked amazing our first activity was dyke dipping.   It was very good and we caught a silver beetle.  Then we had lunch.   It was amazing.   I had a jam sandwich and carrot sticks. After lunch we played a game called hawks and crows it was really fun.  After that we had dinner.  It was pizza and potato wedges.   It was ok.  In my opinion the sauce wasn’t that nice. Then we played in the garden for an hour. After that we put our PJs on and visited other people’s rooms. Then at 4am we went to bed. I’m sad that this day is over but I wonder what the next day will bring.

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On the 23rd – 25th  of September 2019 we went to How Hill.  At How Hill the activities were amazing.  Personally, my favourite activity was the nature trail because the secret garden had beautiful plants.  The tree, that had toffee apple scented leaves, was my favourite plant; it is really rare because it comes from Japan and even at one point people thought it was instinct.

The accommodation was very comfortable and enormous. The rooms were exquisite and all the beds were cosy.  The garden was like a maze full of wonderful flowers and the view was fantastic. In the morning there were rabbits in the garden and birds flying gracefully in the misty morning sky.  The food was brilliant and delicious.   There were numerous meals to eat and enjoy.  The shop had plenty of souvenirs to treasure the memories.

Overall, the trip was an amazing and awesome adventure. I can’t wait to go to Lake District!

By Rosavell and Ann Leigh

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How Hill by WGH and CR

On Monday at 9am, 5M went to How Hill in The Broads.  It took one hour to get there but it was worth it. When we got there we were told the rules and unpacked our suitcases/bags.

Willow and Caitlin were in a room shared by Marnie, Isabel and Rachel! After we unpacked we had lunch.  Willow had jam sandwiches and Caitlin did too!

After lunch we went on a nature trail to the marsh.  It was kind of gross because it smelt of rotten eggs but cool!  While at the marsh/forest we played some games and spoke about the wildlife and the nature in the forest…

After around two hours later we headed back to the How Hill house.  When we came back from the marsh, we started weaving while they made dinner. It was a bit hard and not our favourite activity. They called us for dinner and it was pizza. It was delicious.

We went to our rooms and some of us had showers and some played outside. We went into our bedrooms and changed into our pyjamas. We talked until we fell asleep. Two of our roommates were talking all night!

Willow woke up at 6 in the morning, and then woke everyone else up!  I took a shower and changed into some day clothes.  We went down to the activity room and started to finish our weaving for a while, and then others watched TV.

Soon later, breakfast was ready so we all walked to the dining hall.   For breakfast, there was cereal, a cup of sugar, some butter, jam, milk and a basket of different kinds of toast. (Willow preferred the brown toast and Caitlin preferred white bread).

Soon after breakfast, we finished our weaving or some played infection outside in the garden! After that we got onto our 1st activity The boat ride across part of the broads! I went with my group and sat with my friend / roommate at How Hill Izzy! It was hilarious! We got of the boat and went to explore a shop made in an old cottage that belong to a family of eleven that lived long ago , we explored it and estimated how many people lived there (11)! We left and went to explore a real life wherry! It was brown with comfy couches, leaflets and much more!

We went back had lunch and did some more activates like Owl Dissection and stuff, then we came back for Dinner.   It was spaghetti – it was delightful!

I had a shower, changed, then went to play in the garden with them.  We played infection!  After around an hour Miss Mendham called us inside to finally go to bed!

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Louis AND Risard the pro How Hill trip

At How Hill, I enjoyed Owl pellet dissection because we got to discover what the owl’s meal was.

My second favourite thing was thatching because we got to sharpen up the but of the reeds.

My 3rd favourite thing was dyke dipping because we got to catch a massive water boatman and a humongous dragonfly nymph.

My favourite thing I did was environmental art and I built a den . My other favourite  thing is when we did the nature walk and we saw a kingfisher and we went into a hut for bird watching.I also enjoyed the dyke dipping because it was really cool.

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How Hill E.K


Boat Trip

Firstly, we listened to Sophie explaining the rules of how to put our life jackets on.  So we put

them on and we were secure.  Then we walked to the  river and got into two groups.

We sat impatiently waiting for the boat to go…

Finally, we left and we could watch the nature and animals around us. We grabbed our

binoculars and looked for Kingfishers and other birds. I found a cormorant and it was black

with giant wings and a peach beak.  The bird was beautiful sitting on a tall emerald tree.

After finding birds, we arrived in the Barton Broads and we swapped the binoculars

with the other group. It was very windy and cold on the boat. There was lots of

swirly turns and we even got to spot some houses with boats . After that we passed

by lots of boats and the people waved to us with happiness.  We also saw some beautiful swans

around our boat.



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Tymek How Hill 2019

When we arrived at How Hill we unpacked our stuff and went to our rooms. I shared a room with Callum, Jamie and Kasper.

On the second day we went in the morning and did some weaving and then went and had breakfast. At breakfast I had 5 pieces of toast and some orange juice.

After that we got 10 minutes in the garden and we played Monster, a game we made up in year 4. When we came in we went to our rooms and got ready for the next activity… The Nature Walk. On the nature walk we went to the wet marshlands and dry. On the next day we went downstairs to breakfast. At breakfast I had toast with jam and my second one with honey. In the garden we played Monster again but this time we couldn’t find Callum.  We spent 30 minutes looking for him.  Finally Miss Mendham called Callum to get out of his hiding place so then we started the round again.  At lunch I had a tuna mayonnaise sandwich and prawn cocktail crisps for a treat. Then we got on the coach and the driver drove us back to school.  When we came back we took are belongings to the studio.

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