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Chloe’s and Ayda’s Ullswater trip.

on February 3, 2022

After a long 9 hour trip we finally reached our destination. The coaches were nice and welcoming even though we were late.  Overall, through the whole trip, we enjoyed every bit. It challenged us loads, but what we enjoyed most was Gorge Walking, since it challenged us and bonded us we didn’t think we would. All the dinners were delicious, especially the seconds! We had nature at our fingertips and the sunsets and rises were beautiful.

We think the thing that challenged us the most was mountain climbing, since you had to walk so far, but it was definitely worth it for the views and amazing sunsets on the mountain.  It was scary to be on a trail with no barriers, as it was so high up.  Surprisingly, most of the high hills you saw weren’t mountains!  The view out onto the lake was astonishing.  The water was so clear you could see the floor!

The last day had an amazing end to it –  we all gathered round a campfire and all had roasted marshmallows.  In the norning, we were all so sad to have to say goodbye to our amazin instructors.  They waved goodbye to us as we headed back.  

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