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Finlay-Rae and Tianna-Chantel’s Ullswater Residential

on January 18, 2022

At Ullswater, we were constantly excited about what was going to happen! Whether it was a dip into the lake or a mug of hot chocolate in the evenings, there was always something to look forward to (that includes sleeping). The staff were really kind and thoughtful, they would help you when something got hard .Then you would have the confidence to achieve what you were going to do. This residential teaches you that you can do whatever you decide to set your mind to! They really focus on skills such as determination and resilience.

We did so many activities such as :

  • Stargazing – this is where we made our own constellations and worked together in our own groups to tell a story about them! The stars were beautiful, as well.
  • Jog and dip- this is where you get into Lake Ullswater itself! There are different stages, or ‘challenges’, such as doing a hair flick in the water! You can jump in at the end from the jetty (it is very cold)!
  • Mountain climbing – when we were doing this activity we also tried to find different orienteering spaces. We had our lunch on the mountain and learned that most of them had different names.
  • Gorge walking – this was our favourite activity! You venture into a freezing cold waterfall, but you can’t feel the cold as your wellies heat the water inside them. You have to work as a team to get past the slippery rocks. One person fell back in our group!
  • Environmental walk – here we got on an electric boat and sat back until we had reached our destination only to find out we where having our lunch near the lake. After we had finished our astonishingly yummy lunch, we then had a long 3 hour walk and made some environmentally safe hedgehog homes.  One boy was rating them, and ours came 2nd!
  • Orienteering – we did this in the dark! This was slightly competitive as we all wanted to have the most stamps on our sheets! You are given a map with the location of a stamper, and then you have to try and find it! Our group had the most, which was very nice.

If you come to Ullswater, we know you will have an absolute BLAST! You can even sleep in a dormitory in a bunk bed with loads of your friends which is AMAZING! It’s really comfortable, you have privacy and overall this residential is Fabulous with a capital F. Please decide to go there in Year 6. You definitely won’t regret it!


Will you take on the adventure?

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