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Whitwell Hall – Jayden

on November 10, 2021

My favourite day was Thursday because we got to do a camp fire and we were roasting marshmallows.

After we ate the marshmallows, we went to play ‘It’ in the dark with flashlights.  My flashlight wasn’t working so Theresa gave me hers.

When it was Monday the first day I was nervous but also excited.

When I came in, we met this person named John.  He’s the one who lives here.  After that I met Max.  He was the one who helped us to build a bridge and test it out.  We couldn’t actually do it on real water, so we used a blue carpet, so we didn’t get wet.

Another activity I loved was the bat walk because we all get bat detectors so we can hear the bat making sounds.  After that we all took turns and when it was my turn, I was really excited and I had it on the wrong number and the teacher saw and helped me get it on the right number.  After that, every time I was moving, I kept on hearing bats talking inside the bat detector.  It was crazy!

When it was Friday, we had to go I was going to miss this place so the teacher took picture so we remember next time so we said bye to John and max and we went home.

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