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on October 7, 2021

By Kacper

Hi, in Whit well Hall you can do lots of cool activities like campfire, (with marshmallows) and you will also make a campfire yourself later on. You will also do nature walk and you will learn how to check how to know how old are trees and what time do plants/trees grow.

Before you go to bed you will be able to see, hear and learn about bats, bats are as small as your thumb! But when they take their wings out their 30cm. Did you know bats eat around 3,000 insects in 24 hours!!!

On the first day when you’re at Whitwell Hall you get your own packed lunch to eat but later on the other 3 days you get delicious food like hotdogs. Hamburgers, gazania, and meatballs for dinner but in the morning you get to choose some cereal you can choose corn flakes or this really nice and delicious rice cereal don’t worry if you have any allergies because if you do they have special food for you.

You will also do boat racing with your friends – you will need to build a boat not like a BIG BIG, BIG boat like a little boat out of wood to race your boat you will race near a bridge.

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